I am important and your laws do not apply to me

What do you do when traffic is backed up ahead of you, but you’re all finished stopping at your stop sign? Well, if you’re from Massachusetts, you pull forward into the intersection and block a one lane, one-way street with cars parked on both sides. That’s really the only option that makes sense. I hate you.

Don’t worry, when that drawbridge goes up in 10 minutes I’m sure that line ahead of you will start moving again. Hang in there, you brainless jackass. And say hi to the no pants lady for me.

One thought on “I am important and your laws do not apply to me

  1. I want to kick Trashachussetts in the throat-cock.93 is like an upward flowing sewer pipe and the tourist season is like God flushing Massachusetts. We’re left with the aftermath. It’s an ugly state with ugly people who have ugly dispositions. I say we cut the state off at manchester and build a giant wall. Let the filth have southern NH, they’ve already ruined it.


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