Crank the Kanc 2007


Placed 11/14 in my age group (18-34), which is a pretty rugged group if you ask me. Easily the most unfair grouping in all sport. Going on 31, I am a mere shell of an 18 year old. I can’t even urinate as fast as a teenager. It is probably the only classification in which the top and bottom ends of the age group are separated by nearly a factor of 2. 2! The competitors at the top of the group are literally twice as old as those in the bottom. Basically I am making excuses at this point.

Placed 109 out of all 164 individual time trialists. Depends on how you want to slice that. I’m either in the top 2/3 of all racers, or in the bottom 1/3. I say top 2/3.

Average time for all individual entrants was 1:32:54. I’m about 4 minutes off. That’s not that awful.

Average time for my age group was 1:25:53. That math I am not all that interested in. 🙂

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