What’s important

Today in North Conway I went to the Louis Garneau outlet and looked around. I ended up finding a pretty sweet bad weather jacket on a clearance rack; in fact, the same jacket I had ordered online in a different color a few months ago, only to return it because the color was ‘off’. Now seeing the other color options in person, I was about 70% committed, after a few try-ons, to pull the trigger. I ended up finding something wrong with the stitching in the only size I could find that would fit me, and so back it went, and off I went.

Hours later, I’m remembering the first few miles of the Crank the Kanc time trial this weekend. I was hammering along, riding my race, and I got passed effortlessly by a guy wearing a hefty bag.

So I guess I’m just going to take the money for that jacket and buy tires instead.

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