Three in a row is a turkey

Last night I had a dream that I was in somebody’s house; it didn’t seem like it was mine, but a lot of people started showing up and I told them it was my house. A lot of the American Idol people stopped by. I can’t remember exactly who but I know Sanjaya was there. Then I was driving through the house in a car and Fred Toucher was in the passenger seat. We were really great friends and I was trying to convince him that he needs to play the entire “You’re The Best…Around” fighting montage song from Karate Kid on his radio show. He seemed apprehensive. Then I was given a sword and my house turned into the Atari game Adventure. I moved through the map and slayed a gold dragon and a yellow dragon. The white dragon was chicken sh*t and tried to hide behind a door, so I left him alone. There was at least one really really big lady in there and I hacked her too at least several times but her back was always turned to me and I have no idea who it was. At some point my sword was a machete and I was hacking through a dense South American jungle. Then I went into a downstairs room and there were 5 cats inside and I thought about how 5 is a lot of cats to have.

2 thoughts on “Three in a row is a turkey

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  2. I’m really glad to see that people are keeping “You’re the Best Around” alive and well. I think I would be honored if Sanjaya made an appearance in my dream. As long as he wasn’t singing, that is.


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