Consumer watch

From time to time, I will warn you about products that are not worth buying, or sometimes I will tell you about good things to buy. It’s a crap shoot.

Don’t buy Nature Valley Vanilla Nut granola bars. New as they may be, they suck. They taste like artificial vanilla flavoring and regret. You are not going to like them.

But definitely do buy BBQ Chicken Hot Pockets. These are actually damn good. I don’t think I could eat one every week or anything, but they do not disappoint.

Hot Pockets have a lot to live up to; I mean, you have to come out of the microwave in 3.5 minutes crispy and tasty, and that’s a tall order. The crispy part really doesn’t ever happen, but these are tasty and that makes up for it. I have no idea how bad these are for you. They’re probably really bad. So don’t eat them very often.

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