Go park your dick on wheels somewhere else

My cameraphone is a real piece of shit, but at least you can at least get the idea of what is going on here. This is actually the main parking lot at Eliot Hospital in Manchester, and let me tell you, parking is definitely at a premium. As you can see, TOY4JD (I think that was the plate) is entitled to park in wherever he sees fit, even if ‘wherever’ means he double parks directly in front of a hospital.

Yeah yeah listen I don’t want to hear it – “it could be a woman, you don’t know it’s a guy” – listen, it’s a guy. It’s my g*ddamn picture and I took it and I saw this with my own eyes and it’s my fantasy not yours so get over it, it’s a guy.

I’m young and healthy so i don’t really give a crap about walking a half mile to get to where I need to go, but I will bet cash money that TOY4JD is a fairly capable, although barely upright, walker. After all, his nuts almost certainly have to be ENORMOUS so it would take a tremendous amount of physical conditioning to for his human body to support them. So I’ll go on and presume walking doesn’t present much of a challenge for him. Or does it…after all, I hadn’t considered the fact that giant balls might actually be a physical handicap! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. I’m such an asshole. This guy is simply trying to get some help, at a hospital, and the traditional handicap spots, by any measure, are simply too small for a man who needs to drive a massive vehicle to transport his collosal gonads. Eff you, TOY4JD. You truly are a prick. I hope you choke on your own testes.

2 thoughts on “Go park your dick on wheels somewhere else

  1. Hey Chris! It’s Kelly Brady. Wonderful blog. Blame John for me finding it. He told me not to look at the screen when he showed my mom but I did and the pictures, words, and address were burned into my brain. With the words and pictures, its not like I haven’t seen them before. Buh-bye! XD


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