iTunes, you are such a cocksucker

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME, I actually like music again. I’ll save you all the schmoopy bullshit (believe me, I will, because I lost it all as you will read later), but the bottom line is that I picked up the Army of Anyone CD and really liked it. I even went to an AoA concert and had a blast. Anyway.

I am a HUGE believer that feedback makes the world go around, period. If you find something you like, you need to tell other people about it. Conversely if you discover that something sucks, you have an equal obligation to let others know and spare them from screwing themselves over. This morning, I think to myself, “self, you’ve read a LOT of reviews on iTunes, and this morning, it’s time you write one of your own”. So I do. I log in to iTunes, locate the appropriate link thingy to give feedback on this AoA album, and my heart just OPENS UP. I start writing, deleting, re-writing, getting all of my thoughts down, keeping the randomness to a minimum – I mean, REALLY writing. Writing something other people will actually be able to read, be able to follow, and process as something they either really believe in or find to be completely “way off” (“way off” is my new thing; I’ll explain it here sometime).

So the whole point is I spent about 30 minutes writing this thing, and iTunes gives you up to 6,000 characters to use in a review, which is A LOT. And to compose 6,000 characters of something that is not pure bullshit and that is actually informative, well let’s just say you might need SOME AMOUNT OF TIME to get that all down. We’ll I’ll be fucked because after about 20-30 minutes as I said earlier I clicked “Preview” and POOF. ALL GONE.

I get NO MORE REVIEW and a “SESSION TIMEOUT” error that is SO AMBIGUOUS that it smells like something I actually might have coded myself at some point in my life when I didn’t really care all that much about the code I was churning out. The only difference being that some assholes actually get paid money to work on iTunes, and the software I am talking about slacking off on is probably something that shows you pictures of my fucking cat on my homepage.

I don’t care if iTunes is free. Companies in this world need a reality check. This society is so fucking gung-ho on the almighty dollar and, subsequently, workers are so channeled into championing the ‘me me me’ attitude that I truly believe no one really understands the end game of cultural betterment. When you make a product, and you expect people to use that product, you damn well better believe there will be expectations. Your product may change someone’s life. Your product may be most important part of something much bigger than you understand, and you need to CARE about that. Everyone wants to change the world, but only at a certain level of convenience. J*sus Chr*st I am really pissed off! It could have taken someone MINUTES to devise even a warning message that if some arbitrary timeout is reached, I may lose EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN ON THIS PAGE. Apparently that was a stupid idea, and people should just get fucked over. Why not? It’s easier that way.

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