Everyone in Massachusetts is stupid

I wondered why this guy just refused to pass me, him being in the passing lane and all. I felt like he was in my blind spot forever, and so I let off the accelerator just a hair to pull him alongside and see what’s up. Sure as shit, it’s Joe Business Class, Massachusetts plate, pride of Purdue University as I am made aware by his very classy (no less) golden Purdue license plate frame. His head is kind of looking downward and he has absolutely no idea that I am driving directly alongside him. What the fuck is he doing? And then I see – USING HIS FUCKING LAPTOP OF COURSE! I don’t go out looking for this shit, okay, it just materializes before me every single day like 40 days and 40 nights of a torrential rain of pure stupid. Who in their goddamn right mind – why even go here. We’re talking about JBC and he is capable of anything. Well carry on, pride of Purdue. That degree in stupid fuckery is really paying dividends. I hope you crash.

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