You dumb shithead

Listen, honestly in my heart of hearts I do like motorcycles. I’ve never driven one, but I’m sure its super fun and probably liberating at the same time. But if you’re going to ride like a crazy fuckhead first thing in the morning, weaving in and out of cars driven by assholes like me who are barely paying attention, then you get everything you deserve. I didn’t really know what kind of gesture to give this guy today, so I invented a new one that was pretty much me making a gun with my pointy finger aimed at my head going PEYOO PEYOO PEYOO with my thumb representing the hammer of the gun. Oh but you were wearing a helmet though so at least you’ll be fully cognizant of your own crippled and severed limbs when your luck, and let’s call it luck because you are clearly not talented in any way, finally runs out and you get mauled by an H2.

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